Friday, June 2, 2023

DUCCF lauds removal of street food vendors

Dimapur Urban Council Chairman’s Forum (DUCCF) has lauded the Dimapur district authorities for removing the food cart vendors around the Clock Tower and nearby areas in Dimapur town besides making an appeal for streamlining entry of heavy vehicles and repair road from Dillai gate to Old flyover near hotel Tragopan.
In a statement, DUCCF noted that the vendors who had earlier set up food stalls in and around Clock Tower to Popular Bakery area, had caused inconveniences by blocking vehicle parking area, set up dining chairs and table on footpaths and affected nearby shops. DUCC lso pointed out that the pavements and edifice of the buildings were defaced by smoke and littering by food stall vendors.
While supporting businesses carried out by local entrepreneurs, DUCCF, however, said that rules laid down by colony council were flouted such as– timing, serving of alcohol, creating noise pollution, littering, obstruction of public passage, causing more traffic congestion and parking problems etc.
In this regard, DUCCF requested the district authorities to relocate the food cart vendors to Super Market area. DUCCF also welcomed concerns raised by some organizations who demanded reopening of the food stalls but urged upon these organisations, to hold prior consultations with colony councils and not to rush to the media after hearing only one side of the story.
It appealed to the organizations, with genuine concern, to point out to the forum if any kind of harassment at nearby colony residents are being caused by food vendors.
DUCCF also urged the district authorities to allow entry of heavy vehicles– goods trucks and dumpers in town area, only after 9 p.m. and before 5 a.m. in order to avoid traffic congestion and allow students to reach their schools and colleges on time.
It pointed out that such an order had already been issued barring entry of heavy vehicles, but has not been followed.
Meanwhile, the forum also urged upon the concerned department to take up the road repair work from Dillai gate to Old flyover, near hotel Tragopan junction at the earliest.
The forum said that the road condition has deteriorated and commuters were facing a lot of hardship both during wet and dry season.


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