Monday, November 28, 2022

Duranchi B Marak is Patkai Model Hunt 2022

Duranchi B Marak emerged as the winner of Patkai Model Hunt 2022 followed by Neiketuno Sechü as the first runner-up and Leena Awomi as the second runner-up at an event held under the theme “Embrace your flaws” organised by the Elysian Entertainment in collaboration with Meraki Entertainment Nagaland.
The grand finale was held at Bundrock Auditorium, Patkai Christian College on October 22.
The subtitle winner includes, Miss popular by Khapila Sangtam; Miss Multimedia by Rhitüno Shijoh; Miss Artistic by Tekhevu Ü Lasuh; Fitness Icon 2022 by Ganchuiliu Gonmei and Best Cat Walk by Duranchi B Marak.
The judges for the event were VLCC Femina Miss India Nagaland 2022, Lovi Awomi; chairman Meraki Entertainment Nagaland, Thritong Sangtam and Director Mr Kohima, Thejakhrienuo Nakhro.
The artistes were Moko Koza, Akokla Langu, Humunulu Curhah, Bongoi Chemdok, Catherine Kikon and Thujongoyi Vero. The host for the event was Sharon Singson while Münulu Chizo was the show director and official choreographer.

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