Tuesday, February 7, 2023

Durga puja concludes with immersion of idols

Staff Reporter

The three-day Durga Puja, an annual Hindu festival, concluded on Wednesday with the immersion of idols at different river ghats.
This year a total of 58 attractive pandals were set up by Hindu community across Dimapur and Chümoukedima districts, which was thronged by devotees.
Speaking to Nagaland Post, Hindu Seva Samiti (HSS) president and advocate YP Gupta said a total of 43 Durga idols were immersed at Dhansiri river, Purana bazar Dimapur and others at Dhansiri river near Rangapahar crossing.
Out of five pandals at Chümoukedima, three idols were immersed at Chathe river, 4th Mile and two at Dhansiri river Purana bazar. Gupta said that 43 AR also immersed their idol at Dhansiri river, Purana bazar.
Gupta informed that apart from police and Nagaland State Disaster Management (NSDMA) personnel, HSS also assigned five to six volunteers including some swimmers who could provide assistance in case of any untoward incident. However, there was no reports of untoward incidents during the celebration.
Gupta also said that immersion took in a disciplined and peaceful manner. Different stalls selling colourful balloons, toys and sweet were set up at immersion area.
Before the immersions, women took part in ‘Sindoor Khela’ ritual, wherein they put vermilion on each other in various Puja pandals.

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