Wednesday, December 7, 2022

Dy.CMO rejoinder to news item

Reacting to the statement issued by Yanthungo Kikon, who had recently resigned as Wokha district BJP president, the deputy CM’s office expressed dismay over the serious allegations levelled against deputy chief minister Y. Patton.
While stating that it was the prerogative of every individual to take any decisions, DyCMO said such outburst was not expected of a senior party leader who claimed to have served the party for a decade.
It also expressed surprise and asked whether Yanthungo Kikon was serving the party or the Dy. CM.
Every karyakarta is expected to uphold the solemn pledge of nation first, then party and lastly personal interest, DyCMO stated.
DyCMO said Kikon, apart from being the BJP district president and a supporter just like any other person, was not associated or attached to Dy.CM. “Where then do his alleged profound personal grievances come from?” it questioned.
The office maintained that things may not run according to everyone’s whims and fancies, but Patton had long since been dedicatedly working for the welfare of the people in bringing all round development. This was visible for everyone to see and be judged by the masses and not by few disgruntled individuals, it added.
Therefore, Dy.CMO said it has been made to understand that Kikon left the party to support the candidature of his nephew, who is an intending candidate for 37 Tyui A/C, representing JDU party.
The Dy.CMO further wished him good in his endeavors and hoped that he would find greener pasture in some other party.

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