Monday, January 30, 2023

DYO warns against unauthorised activities

Darogapathar Youth Organisation (DYO) has warned organisations not affiliated with DYO, to notify to its office before organising or carrying out any activities within the village jurisdiction.
In a press release, DYO president Sumika K Murumi and general secretary Along Pongen warned that carrying out any activities against or targeted at any residents of Darogapathar would be dealt accordingly as deemed fit by the organisation.
DYO said any activities which threaten the peace and sanctity of the village by any organisations would not be tolerated and DYO would take it as openly defying the authority of the organisation.
“As we all yearn for an early Naga solution, we would like to encourage our people not to create a bitter or unwarranted situation but rather promote peace and harmony among ourselves”, DYO stated.

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