Monday, January 30, 2023

Early solution needed to rescue Naga society: SC Jamir

Staff Reporter

Veteran Naga politician and former governor and chief minister Dr SC Jamir said unless early political settlement was reached and peace restored, Naga society would face a dreadful catastrophe as it stood on the brink of a yawning precipice and warned that.
He said this while addressing an event-cum-concert organised by Life Concern ministries at Urban Haat, Supermarket area here Friday under the theme “Rebuilding Nagaland in everyone’s hand”.
Dwelling on the theme, Jamir lamented that the problem Nagaland faces today was “fundamentally intrinsic and intrinsically fundamental”. He cautioned that without the change in attitudes, mindsets, vision and adherence to Christian values, attempts to rebuild Nagaland might not be successful.
He stressed that in a democracy, people were sovereign and thus it was their responsibility and duty to contribute towards building a united, peaceful, progressive and prosperous Nagaland.
He remarked that Nagaland has landed itself in a terrible political, social, economic and religious quagmire which were due to the nature or modus operandi of election and responsible for all the ills in Naga society.
“This is the paradox of a State supposed to be run by an elected government under the Constitution of India. Extra-constitutional authorities have become de facto authority. Money making and money sharing have become the culture in upper echelon of Naga society,” he lamented.
Jamir said elections had become popular commercial transactions where votes were auctioned, with the highest bidders being elected to Nagaland Legislative Assembly.
He questioned what would these legislators discuss in the Assembly when they themselves were heavily indebted and insecure?.
He remarked that a total overhaul of the entire system was required when its foundation has been shaken and eroded in order to build a strong, united, peaceful, progressive and prosperous Nagaland with new a design and genuine materials.
The veteran leader regretted that since 2003, the State had been witnessing mushrooming growth of factions and groups under different nomenclatures and labels in the name of Naga cause. He observed that Nagaland has plunged into darkness due to ignorance where people treated each other as though they were enemies.
He noted that some negative features in Nagaland today were blame-games, criticisms, rivalries, narrow mindedness, tribalism, etc.
He further observed that recognition, appreciation, applause, cherish, regard, respect, commendation, acknowledgement for goods work were not found anymore . He said pessimism had plagued the entire Naga society, while the entire systems of governance had collapsed. He added that there were too many authorities without legal and constitutional responsibilities.
“The positive quality of the younger generation of Nagas today is their quest, seeking somethingwhich they have not defined yet. It is hoped that sooner or later this quest will take them to God,” he added.
The programme featured a host of singers from Nagaland, including Machoni, Narola Jati, Lipok Longkumer, Longtet band and Incipit.

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