Monday, December 5, 2022

Emisenla releases poetry book titled ‘This is How We Dissapear’


Kohima based Naga writer and assistant professor, Emisenla Jamir, released her second poetry book titled, “This is How We Dissapear”, published by Kohima based PenThrill Publication House, during a programme at Kohima College, Kohima (KCK) conference hall, here on Tuesday.
Launching the book, advisor IT & C, Science & Technology, New & Renewable Energy, Mmhonlümo Kikon, congratulated Jamir for being able to come up with her second book.
He pointed out that all the three publishing houses in Nagaland were fronted by females which was a testament to how women were leading in the literary sector.
Observing that by supporting each other, Nagas were breaking away from the tradition of living in isolation and in that regard Kikon suggested that Nagas should promote each other even in the writing and move forward with a spirit of charity.
He expressed his appreciation towards the author addressing some core issues faced by the people in the state.
Lauding Jamir, Kikon said her writing was seamless, comes off as easy reading and that she represented the new generation of writers among the Nagas.
He strongly pointed out the need to promote literature and reading culture especially among the younger folks.
Kikon added that only through mass participation in reading and learning that Naga society could reach a higher level of understanding and meaningful participation in crucial decision-making process.
He also lauded PenThrill Publication House for being instrumental in bringing the creation of Naga writers to the common citizens.
Giving a synopsis on the book, former HoD of English department at KCK, Dr. Kevileno Sakhrie said the book explores the profound interaction between an individual’s inner self with the outer world.
She shared her observation on why many Naga women today were writing or were feeling the need to write was because, for a long time they did not have access to education and that their voices were unheard of.
Dr. Sakhrie said Jamir was a poet of great depth and therefore a reader needed to read her poems over and over in order to get to the bottom of what she actually was trying to say.
“Her poems are sharp, precise. Her touch is light even with heavy topics and this book is somewhere where anguage itself becomes a way of life,” the critique said.
Sharing the publisher’s note, Rita Krocha said she and the author had been strongly bonded through their shared love for writing and books.
She observed that Jamir was a legacy of powerful story telling through her poems.
She also said Jamir was one of Nagaland’s most proficient younger generation poets to emerge from a newly rising breed of women.
Sharing the author’s note Emisenla Jamir shared her journey of finishing the collection of poems.
She disclosed that while some poems were easily done, some took days, months and even years to reach to a sense of completion.
On that she added that, a person was their own harshest critic. She also acknowledged the role played by the publisher in the completion of her book.
Earlier the programme was chaired by English department asst prof, KCK, Dr Avinuo Kire.
A prayer was pronounced by English department asst prof, Limajungla Jamir.

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