Monday, March 27, 2023

Emotive Strings to host ‘The Garage’ in Dimapur

(Staff Reporter)

After successfully holding the first ever “The Garage” show in Kohima and upon receiving overwhelming support, Emotive Strings is yet again all set to host “The Garage”, at Spirit of Faith Church on March 16, here at Dimapur.
This was informed by producer, Mele Pucho, at a press conference held on Thursday noon at Room 03.
Dwelling on the “The Garage”, Pucho stated that the Garage is a man’s journey to pits of despair, angst, sorrow and loss, which tells a riveting testament of hope rising from the deepest cracks and coldest services against unbearable odds and extreme elements.

It can be noted that Emotive Strings is a multi-faceted audio-visual production dedicated to telling stories through visual/ocular enactments and to communicate, without the need or demands of vernaculars, through instrumental or vocal sounds moulded in an array of emotions.
Pucho later informed that the play would have a run time of around 75 minutes, adding that viewers would have the experience of watching a movie, rather than a concert.
He further informed that the show would incorporate not only music but also other forms of art as well, which would be based on storytelling.

Pucho later added that the Garage was first performed in Kohima, but due to further demands, it was brought down to be held in Dimapur, further expressing hope to put up more shows through Emotive Strings in other parts of the country as well as abroad. He also opined that such a show was never done in any part of the country, whilst also adding that it might be one of a kind in the whole world.
He latter appealed all music lovers to attend the show, adding that price for the ticket was Rs. 500, and would begin at 5 PM. One can also contact #97749 29679 or get in touch o their Insta handle @emotive.strings, for further queries.

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