Friday, June 2, 2023

ENPO rally for ‘Frontier Nagaland’

Eastern Nagaland Peoples’ Organisation (ENPO) will be holding a public rally on August 9 to press for creation of ‘Frontier Nagaland’ state in all seven ENPO area comprising of Mon, Tuensang, Kiphire, Noklak, Shamator and Longleng districts.
In this regard, several apex tribal organizations of Eastern Nagaland have directed all business establishments and educational institutions under its jurisdiction to remain shut from 8 a.m. till the rally is over.
The decision, to hold the rally, comes after a joint consultative meeting of all seven tribal bodies and talk team held on June 28, 2022 at Tuensang Village. The house unanimously reiterated the demand for Frontier Nagaland State.
It may be recalled that Eastern Nagaland Peoples’ Organisation at its joint consultative meeting held at Konyak Community Centre Dimapur on May 27, 2022 reaffirmed the October 13, 2021 representation addressed to Prime Minister Narendra Modi, requesting him including Union Home Minister Amit Shah to accord early approval for the proposed Frontier Nagaland and for early declaration of the same for the people of Eastern Nagaland.
ENPO said it was pressing for its demand, in the event of the much-anticipated Naga political solution getting delayed or if there was any unexpected prolonged delay in the negotiations.
The meeting also reaffirmed the November 9, 2021 ENPO Central Executive Council (CEC) meeting resolution to continue extending support for a unified, transparent and honourable Naga political solution.
The meeting also resolved that the ENPO would appeal to all negotiators to conclude the Naga political talks at the earliest.
Eastern Nagaland Peoples’ Organisation has stayed away from officially participating in the recent rallies organized by various organizations involving solution for Naga political solution as it wanted to focus on demand for ‘Frontier Nagaland State’.
Even as solution to the decades old Naga political issue is being kept in abeyance over interpretation of the Framework Agreement involving Naga flag and constitution; the recent August 5 mammoth rally in Dimapur organized by Nagaland People’s Action Committee (NPAC) has sent a clear message that public in Nagaland were determined for early solution.
While legislators are looking at State Assembly elections in 2023 being held on schedule and as mandated by the Constitution; public in Nagaland are no longer inclined to put election before solution.
Nagaland People’s Action Committee and several political parties have maintained that there was no basis for delay for solution, when official negotiations with all Naga political groups concluded on October 31, 2019.
For the Government of India, the Naga political issue may have turned into a Naga issue that has led to three scenarios– one for Nagaland, one outside Nagaland and one within Nagaland.


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