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ENPO reaffirms demand for ‘Frontier Nagaland’

Entire ENPO areas Tuesday held public rallies in Tuensang, Mon, Kiphire, Longleng, Noklak and Shamator to press for creation of ‘Frontier Nagaland’ state.
People from all walks of life both young and old clad in traditional attire, including students took part at rallies across six districts. Following the rally, the apex tribal organisations of each of the six districts submitted memorandum containing three-point resolution to the Prime Minister of India through respective DCs. (Memo on p-6)
Speaking to Nagaland Post, ENPO president R. Tsapikiu Sangtam informed that the rallies across the six eastern districts and at Kiusam EAC headquarters under Shamator district were successful with no report of any untoward incidents from any of the districts. Sangtam said ENPO will sum up the rally by collecting reports from all the districts and discuss further course of action on August 11.
In Tuensang, the public rally was organised by Chang Khulei Setshang (CKS) at Parade Ground. People from all walks of life with traditional attires attended the rally holding placards and banners. In a press release, CKS general secretary Chongshen Chang informed that all business establishments, educational institutions and offices remained closed during the rally hours.
Speaking at the rally, talk team convenor K Asungba Sangtam former MP mentioned that the present area of Eastern Nagaland was historically and geographically never under any foreign rule before the advent of independence of India. He said British colonial rulers had left ENPO area unconquered and unoccupied and therefore let it as an ‘excluded and un-administered area’.
Sangtam also cited Article 37(A) Clause 2(B) of the constitution of India, under which the central government provided separate funds to Tuensang district (from where the six districts were carved out of) through Nagaland state.
Sangtam however lamented that this never took place since most of the representatives of erstwhile Tuensang district were “innocent and ignorant” and on the other hand, the governor did not discharge his constitutional obligation.
“The public of this region has lost faith in any kind of development coming forth to them for 50 to 60 years,” he remarked.
He also mentioned that the government of India and ENPO have had four “bilateral talks” and two tripartite talks along with the officials of Nagaland state representatives.
He said the then union home minister Rajnath Singh also met the ENPO delegation twice on August 24, 2015 and October 18, 2019.
Updating on the statehood demand, ENPO vice president W Bendang Chang reiterated that ENPO was not sleeping and was always in talks with the central government. He said the interaction with the Government of India was consistent, but due to the outbreak of the pandemic no meeting could be made possible.
He said On October 13, 2021, ENPO submitted a second reminder letter to the Prime Minister of India after which they were called upon and it was attended by all the ENPO, Eastern Nagaland tribal leaders and Talk Team members.
Delivering solidary message on behalf of Tuensang public, United Sangtam Likhum Pumji president Aliba Sangtam, said that the demand for statehood was around 12 years and urged the people not to be be disheartened.
He said the journey was long and people need to stay united by remembering the pioneers who have paved the way for them. “ENPO is not dead, it is still alive,” he remarked.
Speaking on behalf of the students and youth, Chang Wedoshi Setshang president C Pongsu, read out reports from all the sectors including employment sector and education sector.
Also, speaking at the rally, Eastern Nagaland Women’s Organisation (ENWO) president A Shamtei Phom, said that they have been deprived, neglected, discriminated and suppressed. She called on “brothers and sisters” from ENPO districts to remained united.
The programme was chaired by CKS vice president N Sipong Chang while invocation was given by Chang Baptist Lashong Thangyen (CBLT) executive secretary Rev Achu. Earlier, welcome address was delivered by CKS general secretary Chongshen. A minute of silence remembering the former leaders was also observed.

Mass gathering during the rally in Tuensang on Tuesday (CKS)

MON: Public rally in support of ENPO demand for frontier Nagaland, organisd by Konyak Union, was held at NST Bus Station Mon town on Tuesday.
Many of those who attended the rally held placards and banners some of which read “We demand for a separate assembly, a constitutional right under special provision i.e. Art 371 (a)”, “Long Live Frontier Nagaland, Long live ENPO” etc.
At the rally programme, talk team member W Wangyuh Konyak former MP, updated the gathering on ENPO statehood demand.
Short speeches were delivered by KU president Tingthok Konyak, KNSK president Ponglem Konyak, KSU vice president Yuwang, former ENPO president Khoiwang Konyak while solidarity speeches were delivered by ENPO vice president L Nyeiang Konyak and ENSF president Chingmak Chang. Meanwhile, ENPO president Tspikiu Sangtam gave solidarity message followed by slogan led by chairperson, KU vice president Y Chingwang Wangsa. Earlier, KBBB execuitve secretary Rev. Chemyuh Konyak gave invocation.
Later, after the programme, the rallyists marched to DC office and submitted memorandum to the Prime Minister of India through DC Mon.

KIPHIRE: Along with the rest of Eastern Nagaland areas, the United Sangtam Likhum Pumji (USLP) held a public rally at Delux Point, Kiphire town on Tuesday.
Addressing the rally, USLP president T. Seopi Sangtam affirmed support towards the demand for a Frontier Nagaland statehood.
He disclosed the talk for statehood was at an advanced stage and has reached the political level.
Sangtam said that the demand of a separate state was a genuine one as the people were suffering in many ways. USLP president said that the journey for the demand of statehood was initiated owing to inequality in development, jobs and others. He the gathering to pray for the demand.
Talk team member, W. Lemba Chang, who delivered his speech at Kiphire rally, shared about the talk that was going on with the government of India. He sought support and cooperation of the people.
USSC president Samaul, AST president Apila, Head GB Kiphire Throngseli, ENPO joint secretary TS James and Zukimong Sangtam former executive member ENPO also spoke at the programme.
USLP vice president Kipitong chaired the rally programme.

NOKLAK: Public rally in Noklak was organized by Khiamniungan Tribal Council (KTC) in cooperation with the ENPO. Thousands of people attended the rally demanding the government of India for separate “Frontier Nagaland” state.
ENPO CEC A Ngon, who chaired the event, briefed the gathering about the purpose of the public rally. He said that the statehood demand was not to raise voice against Naga political solution, but to reason with the government of India for “peaceful governing.”
Speaking at the rally, KTC vice president said that the demand of the separate state was the demand of the people. He said that the first memorandum was submitted in 2010 to the Centre, but there was no response till date.
Others who spoke at the rally included ENPO vice president Pamo N.S, Khiamniungan Menyu Hoikam (KMH) president, Khiamniungan Students’ Union (KSU) president, ENPO secretary Shelem and talk team member T Pongom.

SHAMATOR: Along with the six Eastern Nagaland district headquarters, the Yimkhiung Tribal Council (YTC) held a public rally and extended support to ENPO demand for Frontier Nagaland.
YTC president Throngso, who led the rally, expressed “unflinching support” to ENPO demand. Earlier, the programme was chaired by YTC vice president R. Kiuji while Yimkhiung Baptist Borü Amukhongto (YBBA) executive secretary Dr. S.J. Akhum gave invocation. YWO president, YAA president S Yansomong, ENPO secretary Tsakyuse Sangtam also delivered short speeches at the rally.

LONGLENG: Phom Peoples’ Council (PPC) led the public rally in solidarity to ENPO state demand at public ground, Longleng town on Tuesday.
At the rally programme, short speeches were delivered by PCC president, Phomla Hoichem president, PSC president, talk team member YB Angam and ENPO general secretary C Manlang. The programme was chaired by PCC vice president Chempang while PBCA executive secretary N Tialemba gave invocation.



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