Monday, October 2, 2023

ENSSU backs ‘Operation good Samaritan’

Eastern Nagaland Sumi Student’s Union (ENSSU) has extended support on war on drugs campaign and also backed the “operation good Samaritan” movement. “Operation good Samaritan” is an initiative of Kiphire Police to mobilize volunteers’ youth across the district and carry out “door to door” campaign to spread awareness against drugs abuse within society.

In a press release, ENSSU president Isukha Sumi has urged the youth under the district especially those indulging in intoxicant and regular use of drug to take pledge and join the campaign to eliminate the use of substance from becoming addicted.

The union also urged all stake holders and section of society under the district to come under one umbrella and say “no to drugs” and to make “drug – free” Kiphire, happy and healthier district. Further, the union urged the concern authority under the district to organize contentious awareness camping on anti-drug activities and assured support to the campaign.


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