Wednesday, September 27, 2023

Entrepreneurship Development Fund launched in Tsg

Entrepreneurship Development Fund under the theme “Building lives, rebuilding society” was launched at CBLT Resource Centre in Tuensang town on August 22.

The launching programme was organised by Local Entrepreneurs Association Tuensang (LEAT). Tuensang Town Ao Baptist Church, pastor Toshi dedicated and prayed for the LEAT’s Entrepreneurship Development Fund.
Altogether five beneficiaries received the fund from the LEAT which was handed over by Deputy Commissioner, Tuensang, Lithrongla Tongpi Rutsa.

LEAT president, Chingmak Chang explained the concept of Entrepreneurship Development Fund which was established in 2017.

He said that the fund was not a “profit making venture” and a separate committee has also been set up. A total amount of Rs. 1 lakh has been raised among itself, Chingmak said.
He said that amount collected for the fund was a “huge amount for LEAT”, and will be given as a soft loan of Rs 20,000 each to five beneficiaries for a period of one year.

“It’s a small seed of a big banyan tree” and that the vision behind the fund was to build a movement for the local entrepreneurs in the town,”Chingmak said.

He emphasized that the LEAT main objective was to provide opportunities for “bigger dream, mission and goals” of local entrepreneurs and expressed that the business should not be kept as the last option.

Tuensang Chamber of Commerce and Industries (TCCI), president, Ebesola cautioned that the fund must be used judiciously only in their business establishments.

She also encouraged the beneficiaries reminding them that were the first to receive the fund and their story will be exemplary for the local entrepreneurs only then it will become a significant event with the success stories.
DC Tuensang, Lithrongla Tongpi Rutsa lauded the initiative of LEAT and the role played by them for the local entrepreneurs.

She exhorted that the non-local business traders have made Tuensang town as a place to come and earn which shows that there was potential of earning.
Short speeches were also delivered by Er. Elo Khiamniungan, AE, CAWD, Tuensang and Küdazo Swüro, EAC (P), Tuensang.

The programme was led by Chingmak, secretary, LEAT and invocation by Joshua, secretary, Christian Education, CBLT followed by welcome address and felicitation from Alemla, Executive Chairwoman, LEAT.


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