Monday, November 28, 2022

ENWO rally reaffirms Statehood demand

Despite inclement weather, several hundreds, mainly womenfolk, in their traditional attire took part in the public rally organized by the Eastern Nagaland Women’s Organisation (ENWO) Tuesday at Parade Ground Tuensang in support of ENPO’s August 26, 2022 resolution for a separate ‘Frontier Nagaland’ state.
During the rally, all educational institutions and business establishments remained closed. Leaders of various organizations including ENPO and ENSF attended the rally. Womenfolk were seen with placards that read “Frontier Nagaland first, election second”, “Our demand for Frontier Nagaland is politically and historically legitimate”, “Oppression since birth of statehood” etc.
ENWO president A. Shamthai Phom and media secretary M. Chongthen had said that the decision to hold the public rally was made during the consultative meeting held with all seven tribal federating units at Tuensang HQ on October 13.
According to an ENWO member, president Shamthai in her address reaffirmed the resolution adopted by ENPO on August 26, 2022 “not to take part in any election process of the central and state until and unless a separate statehood- (Frontier Nagaland)- is granted by the Government of India, as demanded by the people of Eastern Nagaland under the aegis of ENPO.”
She also highlighted about the longstanding demand of people of Eastern Nagaland asserting that it was a legitimate demand.
Shamthai reminded that it was a public movement and a legitimate demand to have a separate ‘Frontier Nagaland’ state. ENWO said people of Eastern Nagaland had been lagging behind in all spheres, particularly socio-economic development.
She said that the rally was a democratic and symbolic way to express resentment of the people who have been discriminated.
The organisation said that the rally was not the end but it would be carrying out similar exercise in a phased manner.
Short speeches were also delivered by Akehda Sangtamlaru Thsingmujang president Apila, Changsao Thangjam Setshang president Y Akala, Khiamniungan Menyiu Hoikam president Newkhai, Phomla Hoichem president M Mano, Yimkhiung Women Organisation president Resangla, Tikhir Women Association president Y Tushila, Konyak Nyupuh Sheko Khong president Ponglem Konyak and others. All the leaders expressed the same views that the people of Eastern Nagaland had been deprived of their due share in all aspects of development. They asserted that their genuine demand for a statehood was for equality at par with other Naga tribes.
ENPO secretary Shillem Khiamniungan briefed the gathering about the Statehood demand. ENSF secretary P Khumo and ENWO advisor Asangla Cholong also addressed the rally.

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