Wednesday, September 27, 2023

Ex-PAN urges state govt to implement RIIN

Ex-Parliamentarians Association of Nagaland (Ex-PAN) has resolved to urge the state government to sincerely take up the implementation of Register of Indigenous Inhabitants of Nagaland (RIIN).
In a statement, Ex-PAN president Joshua Sumi and secretary S Supongmeren Jamir informed that the resolution was adopted at the general body meeting of the association of Nagaland held at Niathu Resort, Chumoukedima on May 31, 2023. Ex-PAN appreciated the state government for initiating the RIIN in order to check the influx of illegal migrants and immigrants in the Stale.
The association noted that the commission on RIIN established by the State government has already submitted its recommendations and findings to the government more than a year ago.
The house has, therefore, resolved to urge upon the state government to sincerely take up the implementation of RIIN urgently without any more delays.
While undertaking necessary exercises, Ex-Pan said there should not be any compromise as far as the date and cut-off year of December 1 1963 is concerned. “Under no circumstances, be it internal or external, should the cut-off date and year of be diluted in any way whatsoever,” Ex-PAN stated.
Not using December 1, 1963 as the cut-off date and year would be detrimental to the future of the indigenous citizens of Nagaland, the association cautioned.
Further, the house resolved to urge upon the Government of India “to give the altar call to all the Naga negotiating parties to honour the completed negotiations” and sign the final agreement with a set deadline that would bring the settlement of the “Indo-Naga” political issue.
Ex-PAN noted that the process of political negotiations between the Government of India and the Naga negotiating groups—NSCN (IM) and Working Committee (WC) of seven NNPGs—have already been completed on October 31, 2019. It said that what remains was the signing of the final agreement between the negotiating parties.
The Ex-parliamentarians said that the protracted process of political negotiations has taken an immense toll on the lives and welfare of the people of Nagaland. It stated that 26 years of political talks and negotiations was more than enough time for any issue to be resolved.
Therefore, Ex-PAN said it was “more than high time” to end the negotiations and declare whether the talks that have lasted over two decades was a success or a failure as the process cannot be left indefinitely anymore.



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