Tuesday, March 21, 2023

Farmers trained on increasing crop yield

Agricultural Technology Management Agency (ATMA) blocks have been imparting demonstrations and trainings to the farmers on the latest machinery and technology to improve the quality of the produce and to increase crop yield.
Zunheboto: ATMA Zunheboto in association with SAMETI, Medziphema and MANAGE, Hyderabad conducted six days Skill Training of Rural Youth (STRY) training programme on the topic “Protected cultivation of High-value vegetables” on January 27 to February 2 at Alaphumi village. The resource persons, BTM Akuluto block, Tsuktilemla Ao, ATM Akuluto block, Kaboli Wotsa, BTM Tokiye block, Sedevise Liegise, ATM Tokiye block, Kivibo Achumi used various training methods viz, audio visual aids and hands on practical supplemented with information leaflets. The importance and scope of protected cultivation of high value vegetables was emphasized by the speakers and vegetable farming business plan was also discussed to highlight its potential for self-employment and self-sustenance. Hands on practical on construction of low cost net house, nursery raising of vegetables and vermi composting were carried out.
Akuluto block: ATMA Akuluto Block conducted three demonstration programme from January 24 to January 31 on the topic, “soil and water conservation using gully plug method” “Mushroom production in collaboration with FOCUS IFAD, Zunheboto” and “IPM under protected cultivation” at Lumami village, Mukhami village and Alaphumi village respectively. The resource persons BTM, Tsuktilemla Ao and ATM, Kaboli Wotsa carried out the demonstrations at the farmers field.
Khongsa block: ATMA Kiphire Khongsa block conducted Skill Training of Rural Youth (STRY) cum demonstration for farmers from January 27 to February 1 at Salomi Village, The SRTY programme focussed on “nursery management” and demonstration on “periphyton based aquaculture and integrated fish farming” with Takutoshi Jamir and Merennungba Imchen as the resource persons.
Tsaru block: ATMA Tuensang, Tsaru block conducted a demonstration programme at Old Tsadang on January 27, wherein resource persons, ATM, Tiyongnaro Imsong demonstrated on preparation and uses of yellow sticky trap and BTM, Dr. T. Arenmongla conducted a demonstration on the topic, “pit digging and spacing of banana”. A total of 14 farmers and ATMA functionaries attended the programme.
Changtongya block: ATMA Mokokchung Changtongya block conducted demonstration on January 28 at Kelingmen village, wherein resource person, Farm Manager, State Hatchery Unit, Mokokchung, Dr.Wapangsashi Walling conducted demonstration on “sanitation and piggery waste management”. Resource persons, ATM, Changtonya block, Amenla Jamir and ATM, Changtongya block also, Toshirenla Longkumer also conducted demonstration on “cultivation practices of sweetcorn” and “package and practices of chilli”.
Kubolong block: ATMA Mokokchung Kubolong block conducted a demonstration on “varietal performance of maize on January 30 at Yimchalu village.
Resource person, Assistant Technology Manager, Tsuktirenla S Jamir deliberated on field preparation, seed rate and sowing, nutrient management and water management. She also discussed and elaborated on intercultural operation, pest and disease management, harvesting and management of Fall Army Worm (FAW).
Phek block: ATMA Phek block conducted training and demonstration on January 25 at Chepoketa Village on the use of maize sheller highlighting on the efficiency and advantages, nursery bed preparation, line sowing, transplanting and use of biofertilizers with ATM Chetheba block, Visavinuo Victoria Zaphu and ATM Phek block, Vepoto Riga as the resource persons.

Demonstration in progress at Salomi village.

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