Tuesday, March 21, 2023

Farmers trained on latest technologies for cultivation

Agricultural Technology Management Agency (ATMA) blocks have been imparting trainings and demonstrations to the farmers to educate them about the latest machinery and technology to improve quality of their crop and to increase production and income by adopting latest technologies for cultivation.
Wazeho block: ATMA Wazeho block conducted various demonstration programme on January 25 at Yisisotha village, wherein resource person, BTM, Loreni Kithan and ATM, Nuzo Kezo demonstrated on uses of yellow sticky trap for insect and pest management, grafting techniques on fruit trees and rodent management in field and storages.
Tsaru block: ATMA Tuensang Tsaru block conducted a demonstration programme on January 27 at Old Tsadang, wherein ATM, Tiyongnaro Imsong conducted a demonstration on the topic, “preparation and uses of yellow sticky trap” and also spoke on the “use of Tricho cards” while BTM, Dr. T. Arenmongla conducted a demonstration on the topic, “Pit digging and spacing of banana”. Altogether 14 farmers along farmers friend and ATMA functionaries attended the programme.
Chuchuyimlang block: ATMA Mokokchung, Chuchuyimlang Block conducted demonstration programme on January 30-31 at Longkong village, wherein resource person, ATM, Abenla B Jamir demonstrated on “field preparation and cultivation of chilli” and “nursery raised bed preparation and its management”. Resource person, ATM, Tangit Longkumer briefed the farmers on various package of practices on cultivation of sweet corn and highlighted on various pest control measures and nutrient management practices. Resource person, BTM, Aolemla Kichu demonstrated on “field preparation and cultivation of okra”.
Kikruma block: ATMA Phek Kikruma block organized demonstration programme on January 28 at Phusachodu Village, wherein resource person, ATM, Sedekuonuo Kelio gave hands on demonstration on various propagation methods of fruit and flower grafting. Resource persons, BTM Keduweteu L Nakhro taught the farmers on “production technology of garden pea”. Farmers were also given hands on demonstration on turmeric powder making and its proper packaging techniques.
Tobu block: Agricultural Technology Management Agency Mon Tobu block conducted frontline demonstration on “cultivation practices of yard long beans” and “preparation of vermicompost” on January 30-31 at Changsa Village, wherein resource persons, BTM, Jungshi explained on the preparation of low cost vermicompost pit and use of earthworms, biodegradable waste and ATM, Nyakba Konyak demonstrated on the “preparation of good seed bed , watering , spacing, application of manure and fertilizers, right time to transplant and pest and disease management” respectively.
The block also conducted frontline demonstration programme on economic practices of contour bunding and terrace farming on January 30 at Bumei village with ATM, Nyakba Konyak as the resource person.

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