Sunday, June 4, 2023

Farmers trained on silkworm rearing

District Sericulture Office, Chumukedima organised a two-day training silkworm rearing from April 20-21 at the college with an objective to educate the famers on the basics of sericulture, silkworm rearing and silk cultivation at St. Joseph University. The programme was funded by DST-Seed Project, Ministry of Science and Technology, New Delhi.
Chief guest of the training programme was professor and rector of SJU, Fr. Dr. Michael Arochiam and ASO incharge, Mejamongla talked on the topic “Reeling and twisting unit”.
In the first session, supervisor District Sericulture Office, Chumukedima Petekhrietuo Medom, delivered a lecture on “Sericulture: Introduction to silkworm rearing and Silk Cultivation”. The second session involved a field visit to Dhansaripar (District Sericulture Farm).
On the second day, Extension Officer, District, Sericulture Office, Chumukedima, Ngoiang Ongh delivered a lecture on “Potential Scope of Sericulture in Sustainability” and B.Sc VI semester student gave a special presentation. The second session involved hands-on training and an interaction session. The program concluded with felicitation by SJU vice chancellor, Prof. Dr. D. Gnanadurai.


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