Tuesday, November 29, 2022

F&CS cautions village council FPS

Office of the assistant director of Food & Civil Supplies (F&CS) Dimapur has directed all village council Fair Price Shops (FPS) to adhere to the prescribed norms of the National Food Security Act (NFSA) 2013.
In a press release, assistant director, F&CSDimapur, S.KavitoAomi said many village council FPS are not adhering to the prescribed norms of NFSA 2013 but performing their duty as per the council’s decision such as fixing of rate and scale of issue etc.
In this regard, Aomi warned that henceforth any village council FPS found not adhering to the guidelines of NFSA 2013 would be terminated and capable individual/person would be appointed to look after the FPS.
FPS of Ward-12 inform to open for 15 days
In accordance with the directive from the office of the Assistant Director, Food & Civil Supplies, the Ward-12 Welfare Committee has directed all Fair Price Shops (FPS) within the jurisdiction of Ward-21, Dimapur to operate/open their respective unit for at least 15 days in a month inorder to facilitate the beneficiaries in collecting their due shares.
In a press statement, convenor, Ward – 21 Welfare Committee, Jonah D Achumi and joint secretary, Sashitemjen stated that operating the FPS Unit for just two or three days in a month led to inconveniences where beneficiaries were not able to collect their shares.
The committee alleged that as per the reports, beneficiaries were not receiving the full benefits to which they were entitled and also there were report of FPS Unit turning down backlog shares.
In this regard, the committee has appealed to those unit(s) to stop engaging in such practices and uphold the correct standards by disbursing due benefits and entertain the backlog shares to the beneficiaries.
The committee further made it clear that the circular has been issued based on the complaints received from various public sources and not from a “personal stand-point or with an intention to harm and malign any FPS Unit under Ward-21” but for the general convenience of the public.

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