Wednesday, November 29, 2023

FGN tatar hoho reacts on leadership crisis

FGN Tatar Hoho speaker has strongly refuted the press statement under the headline, “FGN rejects withdrawal of support to Keyho; 7 expelled” and “FGN back Thinoselie, Namrikiu’s leadership” published in local dallies.

In a rejoinder, FGN speaker tatar hoho, Kunuchosa Rhakho said that the clarification has been issued to set the record straight and to uphold the good name and prestige of the NNC and FGN, and to dispel the doubts created by the “ravings and rhetoric person who has the knack to twist and distort facts” to create confusion.

Rhakho dismissed the claimed that the September 23, 2023 meeting was “ultra vires, unconstitutional and anti-national” rather clarified that the meeting was “intra vires” because as conventionally practiced, the speaker of Tatar Hoho usually summons convening of the Tatar Hoho.

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However, Rhakho claimed that the emergency Tatar Hoho held on September 27, 2023 was “ultra vires” because it was a closed door meeting and only a handful of people attended held in the residence of Gen. (Retd) Thinoselie Keyho, Chedema village.

Rhakho said that Kedallo failed to communicate the resignation of the Kedahge to the speaker office where the Yehzabo of Nagaland provides under “Article 23 (a) The Kedahge shall, by writing under his own hand and address to the Kedallo shall forthwith be communicated by him to the Speaker of Tatar Hoho”.

Therefore, it implied that there was no resignation and no constitution provision for the Kedallo to summon an emergency Tatar Hoho. As such the decision of the meeting attended by only four regions to expel seven person from NNC/FGN and dissolution of the Sumi region was not valid. The speaker also claimed the leadership of Thinoselie and Namrikiu enjoyed the support of only four regions out of the 17 regions recognized and affiliated regions of NNC/FGN.

Rhakho claimed that not being fully aware of the character and the functioning of Gen. (Retd) Thinoselie M. Keyho, the NNC/FGN decided to support his leadership.

But in the due process, his dictatorial and unconstitutional ways of functioning were experienced and also he (Thinoselie)did not know the difference in the functioning of NNC and FGN.

Therefore on September 23, 2023 after a lengthy deliberation, he FGN took the “painful decision” to withdraw support to his leadership for the greater interest of the Naga nation.


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