Monday, December 5, 2022

FIDE Women’s Candidates: Humpy and Anna play out successive draws

Koneru Humpy and Anna Muzychuk of Ukraine played out a second successive draw in the FIDE Women’s Candidates chess tournament at Monte Carlo on Friday.
The former World rapid champion from Vijayawada thus maintained her lead with just one game remaining in the quarterfinal match, Sportstar reported.
With the score reading 2-1, Humpy needs only a draw in that last game. The situation is identical in the other quarterfinal encounter, between China’s Lei Tingjie and Mariya Muzychuk, Anna’s younger sister, with the former leading 2-1 after their game was also drawn. The Humpy-Anna game, featuring Semi-Tarrasch Defense, ended in 42 moves. Though Anna tried hard for a win that would have brought her equality in the match, Humpy played solidly as the game reached a rook-and-minor-piece ending.
The Mariya-Lei game also had a rook-and-minor-piece ending, but there was more exciting action on the way. And Mariya had her chances to force a win, but she overlooked a night manoeuvre on the 43rd move and had to split the point 17 moves later.

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