Tuesday, March 21, 2023

Five local artistes receive Governor’s Award


Five artistes received Governor’s Award for distinction in arts, music and literature 2021 & 2022 during the award ceremony held at Dr. Imkongliba Ao Hall, Raj Bhavan, Kohima on Tuesday.
Wapang Ozukum was awarded for art (Fine Art), Sunep Lemtur for music (performing art and entertainment/amusement) Zangzang Zeliang – music (video producer), Bethel Tsuzu for music (education and piano) and Tali Angh for music (pop/contemporary Christian music).
The awardees were awarded a cash of Rs. 5 lakhs, silver plaque, shawl and citation.
Governor Prof. Jagdish Mukhi in his address asserted that the aim of the award for distinction in Arts, Music and Literature should encourage the best talent from all parts of the State and also to reach the performing arts and literature to a larger number of people.
The governor said, State must spread Art, Music and Literature to the masses adding that the approach in the policy for the cultural development of the State could result in people becoming patrons of the performing arts and stakeholders in the efforts towards preservation of the rich civilizational history.
He informed that some of the traditional folk arts were fast disappearing for want of patronage.
Congratulating the achievers who have reaped what they have sown through hard work, the governor exuded confidence that the bright future lies ahead of all the Awardees with more accolades.
Since the inception of this Awards in 2003, Mukhi said the awardees were honoured during Independence Day, however, he said the unprecedented pandemic deferred the ceremony.
The governor also informed that Nagaland art and music must also look at the societal role that they can play as Art, Music and Literature were powerful medium and can be used to effectively convey social messages particularly to fight against social evils like female foeticide, female infanticide, child marriages, dowry and addiction to drugs and alcohol.
“They can also educate the population on various issues such as health, literacy and the values of truth, tolerance and harmony”, he said. Mukhi also stated that the Award also contributes substantially to the preservation and conservation of its cultural heritage and also encourages exchange of ideas and enrichment of techniques between different regions predominantly in performing arts, literature and music and helps to revive and preserve folk music, dance and literatures.
He urged the social organizations and corporate houses to promote music, art and literature as a means for bringing about awareness, harmony and peace in society. He also maintained that in remote and distant areas, performing arts can be used as a powerful medium for public education, particularly for creating awareness to eradicate social evils and to impart information about welfare schemes.
Chief secretary J. Alam, in his brief address said the award ceremony was at its 19th edition today and the procedure of the selection was done annually monitored by the department of art and culture and also all the district administration and various social-cultural organizations to search and select deserving personalities from the district. He congratulated all the recipients of the Governor’s Award 2021 & 22 for receiving the pinnacle of state recognition in the field of art, music and literature and hoped that the awarded strive to promote art and culture of Nagaland and that the award will continue to inspire people in the artistic pursuits.
The event was attended by minister planning and coordination Neiba Kronu, advisors, host of senior government officials and others.

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