Friday, December 1, 2023

Forest department clarifies misconception about Teak tree

Forest department has sought to clarify misconception that teak (Tectona grandis) tree plantation was hazardous to human beings. In a circular, divisional forest officer Dimapur forest division Beizo Suokhrie noted that several village councils were coming up with a resolution not to allow plantation/standing of Teak trees in the roadsides or village areas.

DFO stated that teak trees have more health benefits for humans and economic growth for the farmers than it does harm.
DFO noted that teak was also one of the world’s most valuable timbers, adding that its plantation was an economically viable option.

According to DFO, there were thousands of scientific research papers and article publications on different aspect of teak plantation that can be found.
However, he said so far there was no such scientifically proven findings that teak plantation posed adverse effect or direct health hazards to human.

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In this regard, DFO has requested all the responsible authorities to “take note of this misconception” and make necessary amendments in their legislation.



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