Monday, February 6, 2023

Former legislator Yankithung joins BJP; backs Dy CM Y. Patton


In a major boost to the deputy chief minister Y. Patton from 37 Assembly Constituency under Wokha district and the BJP at large, former legislator, who also served in the government during 2003-2008 Yankithung Yanthan along with his supporters officially merged with deputy chief minister on Thursday.
The official declaration programme was held at the private residence of the deputy chief minister Y. Patton in Wokha, Thursday where the declaration took place in the midst of thousands of supporters including the former MLA’s aides.
Ex-MLA Yankithung Yanthan served in Congress party for 34 years and also served in different capacities including AICC member, NPCC general secretary and also PCC treasurer. Yanthan was a strong competitor to Y. Patton who fought three times and lost against Y. Patton from 37 A/C.
During the 2018 election, Yanthan who contested from the NPF ticket secured over 8000 votes while Y. Patton secured over 12,000 votes.
Addressing the mammoth gathering, Yanthan said it was the decision of his supporters that he decided to merge with Y. Patton and urged his supporters to remain steadfast and to maintain the commitment to support Y. Patton.
Yathan said he entered in a new place and new political party with positivity adding that the entire development that was taking place in the country, state and in 37 A/C convinced him on the leadership of the BJP in centre, state and Y. Patton.
He informed that he did not merge to gain personal benefit stating that losing the election for three times only made his supporters suffer which he said, did not want to repeat.
Yanthan also declared that if Patton tends to offer anything, he will back-off his support stating that the joining was purely based on his conscience having felt for his supporters how much they were deprived because of him.
Towards this, he urged Y. Patton to treat equally and not to term as “old supporters or new entrants/supporters” to him and to reach out the displaced, the poor and needy which he could not take care of during the last 15 years. Yanthan also asserted that everyone cannot be pleased, however encouraged Patton to strengthen the lapses and exuded confidence to be in a better position in the next government.
Yanthan said when the leader was doing good, there shouldn’t be any hesitancy to join and strengthen his leadership because of which he said he took the step to merge.
Deputy Chief Minister Y. Patton in his address thanked Y. Yanthan, his family members and the mammoth supporters and also welcomed them for joining his leadership which he said was a milestone.
Patton said that it was the choice of Y. Yanthan to merge with him as he didn’t even approach for merger knowing that Yanthan has staunch supporters with him and the strongest contender against him in 37 A/C.
Dy.CM also rebuffed the talks of having offered/purchased Y. Yanthan with a huge amount.
With the merger, Patton vowed to treat everyone equally, leave differences aside and work for the welfare of the people under 37 A/C in particular.
Patton said out of the 23,000 electorates in 37 A/C during the 2018 polls, Yanthan polled over 8000 while he secured over 12,000 and now with the merger, he expressed positivity to win the ensuing election, however, urged not to be complacent and continue to work for better result.
He also advised the supporters not to provoke others, shun violence during the election and to maintain a peaceful environment.
BJP Wokha district president Subenthung Kithan also spoke at the meeting. Senior PS to Dy.CM Hachio Patton delivered the welcome address.

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