Sunday, June 4, 2023

GENSU cautions Nagas against fraud companies

Guwahati Eastern Nagaland Students’ Union (GENSU) has cautioned the fellow Nagas against fraud companies and agencies operating in Guwahati that promised alluring jobs.
In a press release, GENSU president, Wangyat Wangsu and general secretary, Shan Lonhshe said that many Nagas have become victims to the “diddling practices” taking place in Guwahati. The union said that it was trying to curb such practices and has rescued many individuals who were victims of the “deception and scammers”. GENSU claimed that many Naga brothers and sisters were also actively involved in the fraudulent dealings associating with the scammers.
Therefore, the union cautioned that it will initiate against those individuals found involved in those kinds of activities. The union has also advised the Naga people to remain alert and to not succumb to such trap and manipulation without authenticating of the company.
In case of any job-related query, medical assistance or any support in Guwahati, the union can be contacted at the following numbers- 9362361017, 8974368632, 8822077472, 9366006235 and 8787389952.


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