Friday, January 27, 2023

GNF plea for resolution of Kezlotsa dispute

Global Naga Forum (GNF) said that as a forum that believed in uniting all Nagas across political and artificial boundaries, it was deeply troubled by the worsening land dispute at Kezoltsa area between Southern Angamis and Mao community.
GNF, therefore appealed for wisdom and patience in finding an amicable settlement of the “in-house disagreement.” GNF said it understood that the dispute was to be settled according to Naga tradition and customary law, whereby due process was to be exercised and adjudicated by Tenyimi Public Organisation (TPO). The procedure thus agreed to by both Southern Angami Public Organisation (SAPO) and Mao Council till a third party (State government on the Mao Manipur side) came into the picture and which led to the dispute taking a retaliatory turn.
GNF condemned interference in Naga people’s exercise of indigenous rights in their lands and culture, especially interference by State actors aimed at causing further divisions among Nagas who lived arbitrarily separated in several States in two countries. According to GNF since the narrative was about legitimate indigenous rights guaranteed by the Indian constitution and supported by the United Nations and international conventions, it was expected that the Government of India and State governments uphold them, not trash them”
GNF appealed for understanding and restraint on the part of Nagas everywhere for the sake of peace and unity. It said it strongly believed that there was no dearth of leaders and enough of wisdom to resolve the land dispute within Tenyimi family. “Let us do so especially during this season of traditional Naga community festivities and of Christmas,” it exhorted.

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