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Nagaland Governor apprised on urgency to announce final solution: Working Committee

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Working Committee (WC) of Naga National Political Groups (NNPGs) led by its convener N Kitovi Zhimomi on Friday met Nagaland governor La Ganesan at Police House, Chümoukedima.
Speaking with the media after the meeting, WC, NNPGs co-convenor Isak Sumi said since it was their first time meeting with Ganesan after he was appointed as governor, they apprised him of the ground realities and urged him to request the Central government the urgency to announce a solution and subsequent implementation of the agreement that had already been placed.
Since the governor was the constitutional head and the doorway to Central government, Isak said the delegation wanted to send a message through his office.
He also pointed out that since the formal talks had already concluded on October 31, 2019, the solution was now being eagerly awaited.
“So now the ball is in the court of Government of India,” he stated.
When asked about the role of the legislators/government as facilitator, Isak said he did not wish to comment as “to what extend they were sincere or not, but it is for the people to judge.”
“Every election, political parties make commitment that talks would be resolved soon after the election if the party is voted to power. This has been going on for several decades,” Isak stated.
He reiterated that “talks had already concluded since 31st October, 2019. Now we are only waiting for the signal from government of India for the inking of the final agreement.”


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