Tuesday, October 3, 2023

Governor interacts with Naga community in Chennai

Nagaland governor La Ganesan met Naga community settled in Chennai and interacted with them at Hotel Sabari Grand, Chennai on September 15. According to PRO Raj Bhavan, at the meeting, the governor spoke on the significance and importance of cultural diversity that the city embraced, and said it was heartwarming to witness a strong Nagaland community thriving there.

He said that resilience in adapting to a new environment, while keeping the traditions alive, was commendable.
The governor remined them that they may be far from Nagaland, but assured them that they were not alone. Reminding them that Chennai has become their second home, and that they have forged a strong Naga community in Chennai, he urged them that to continue to support and uplift one another.

He said that living in a bustling metropolis like Chennai can be challenge, but encouraged the Naga community to maintain the spirit of resilience and adaptability as it will help them overcome any obstacles.
The Governor further urged them to continue representing Nagaland with pride and dignity in their respective fields.

He said that as Governor of Nagaland, he stood not only as a representative of the state of Nagaland but also as a fellow South Indian who admired and appreciated the rich cultural heritage and vibrant traditions of Nagaland.
The governor also recalled on the significant contributions made by the Nagas in various fields, including art, music, and entrepreneurship, not just within Nagaland but also in different parts of India and the world. Ha added that their hard work, perseverance, and dedication was an inspiration to all.

The governor also expressed gratitude to the people of Chennai for their hospitality and acceptance. He apprised them to reciprocate their warmth by respecting their culture, customs, and traditions and also advised them to be ambassadors of Nagaland, showing the people of Chennai the beauty of the heritage.


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