Thursday, June 1, 2023

Govt nod for re-employment of doctors till 62

NIDA snubs govt offer; threatens to resign en mass

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Even as the state cabinet offered to re-employ AYUSH and Medical doctors, without interview for another two years at 62 on superannuation at 60, NIDA at its emergency meeting on Thursday, has reportedly snubbed the proposal by threatening to resign en masse. However, NIDA’s threat was not communicated officially though the same was already in public domain as members when contacted, did not refute.
According to a government statement, the Cabinet has offered to re-employ superannuating AYUSH and medical doctors till 62 years without interview but subject to physical fitness.
The government has also decided to create 60 more posts – 1 Director, I MS, 6 professors, 22 Associate professors and 25 tutors/senior residents for Kohima Medical College.
Doctors on superannuation can be engaged through re-employment by NIMSR Society set up for Kohima Medical College for up to 65 years. In exceptional cases, those whose skills are not otherwise available will be appointed beyond 65 years up to 70 years by NIMSR .
Cabinet decision
Will allow medical officers who want to serve the public further through Government Hospitals or Teaching Hospitals to continue to do so up to 62 years and 70 years respectively.
Will not in any way block promotional avenues of any of the junior officers.
Will not in any way block recruitment posts for new Graduate/PG doctors.
Will increase budgetary allocation towards healthcare vis-à-vis the overall budget of the state. The Cabinet also noted that NPSC has been requested to take up recruitment against 108 requisitioned posts expeditiously even though almost all the posts are currently manned by doctors engaged on contractual basis. The government based its decisions on the speech of the prime minster over increase of superannuation from 60 to 62 for central employees and state from 62 to 65 in order to meet the shortage of doctors in government hospitals.
Also, the government cited the Centre’s order dated May 31,2016 in enhancing superannuation of various categories of medical officers in central services to 65 years but that states may make their own decisions over this matter.
NIDA threatens: As per the NIDA meeting minutes, a copy of which was made available, the members present were informed about the Cabinet decision “as received from social media.” A total of 83 members from 10 districts and directorate of health and family welfare attended the emergency general body meeting held at DBHHS Hall.
At the meeting, 10 district units submitted their district meeting minutes wherein majority opted for legal recourse, but two units opted for mass resignation. After discussion, the house resolved to go for mass resignation. In this regard, the house entrusted the directorate committee to prepare a uniform format for the mass voluntary retirement/mass resignation after obtaining legal opinion and disseminate to the district action committees.
It also entrusted district action committees to collect the signatures in the voluntary retirement/mass resignation letters from all the regular doctors. For NHM and other contractual doctors, the house resolved that decision to sign would he left to individual discretion.
It was also resolved that the duly signed resignation letters would be submitted to the directorate action committee from all the district action committees latest by April 25, 2022. The house decided that NIDA executive will pursue the issue of mass resignation only after the NIDA office receives 100% submission of the resignation letters from all the members. Till then, it was decided that the ongoing agitation would be kept on hold till further notice.
Speaking to media persons after the cabinet meeting, government spokespersons and advisor Mmhonlumo Kikon said that the Cabinet after carefully studying the demand of NIDA agreed to extend the age limit to 62 years on the condition that “they will be reemployed in the clinical set up till 62 years.”
Kikon further said that for those who would want to apply for medical college, their age limit has been increased to 65 years, without pension.
When contacted NIDA members declined to comment stating that they were yet to receive official intimation from the government.


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