Sunday, June 4, 2023

Govt urged to intervene into ‘unconstitutional selection’ of NGBF office bearers

Concerned district GB leaders and GB delegation members’ to the general meeting of Nagaland GB Federation (NGBF), which was held at Phek on April 20 & 21, have urged the state government to intervene into, what they described as “unconstitutional selection” of new NGBF office bearers and “autocratic functioning system” of NGBF office.
In a representation to the commissioner Nagaland, the ‘concerned GBs’ sessional chairman Thepfukedou Kuotsu and sessional secretary Luikang, on behalf of ‘concerned GBs’ meeting at Chakhro Public Organization (CPO), Chümoukedima on April 28, 2022, demanded that the government initiate necessary action as per the NGBF constitutional norms so as to safeguard the GB institution from “autocratic working system.”
They said the GBs were “very optimistic” that NGBF officials would have ethical sense in running the office affairs as per the constitutional norms. However, the signatories expressed shock that “they had manipulated and workout everything in an unconstitutional way just to suit their sinister agenda.”
The ‘concerned GBs’ pointed out that as per Article 10 (A), a candidate once held the post of president shall not be nominated for second time. However, they said the previous president was re-selected covertly for another five years term.
Further, they pointed out that as per Article 8 (C), the nomination committee will adhere to the norms strictly in selecting the office bearers as laid down, failing which the house has the right to turn down the selection of any candidate and will have to nominate other candidate if found violated the norms.
However, in violation, the signatories said new office bearers post have been created such as three vice presidents, two secretaries, one assistant finance secretary and one cultural secretary and picked candidates without the house approval.
The ‘concerned GBs’ also stated that some newly created district GBs association and newly selected GB office bearers were denied their rights to participate in NGBF executive meeting
representing their districts (Chümoukedima and Tseminyu/Newly selected office bearers Kohima).
However, they said that some newly created districts and new office bearers were allowed to attend the executive meeting (Dimapur and Shamator). “This indicates biasness and coercion tactics to suppress and deny the rights of these GB representatives who are officially selected district GB leaders through democratic norms,” the signatories said.
The ‘concerned GBs’ have, therefore urged the responsible authority to intervene and put the NGBF office in order as per the constitution norms in order to restore and keep the “good truth-ful legacy our past GB leaders” and to safeguard the GB institution.
They expressed apprehension that if the affairs of NGBF office ran and functioned in the pre-sent style, the GB institution will lose its credibility as guardians of Naga customary laws and usages.


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