Friday, June 2, 2023

GPRN/NSCN adopts 2-point declaration

GPRN/NSCN regional authorities of various regions, UTs, sub-regions and affairs adopted a two-point declaration during the ‘general meeting’ held on September 28.
The meeting held under the aegis of the kilo (Home) ministry at Council Headquarters (CHQ), Naga Unification Camp, Khehoyi, re-affirmed unflinching support to the collective leadership– chairman ‘gen.’ MB Neokpao Konyak and general secretary N. Kitovi Zhimomi, under whose “dynamic leadership, Naga people heart’s desire of durable peace and tranquillity is accomplished.”
The house also reiterated its optimism that the “Agreed Position” of Naga National Political Groups (NNPGs) with the Government of India would bring about timely honorable, acceptable and comprehensive Indo-Naga political solution.
Meanwhile, the house also put on record that the “Naga people are actually agitated due to the inconclusive talks with the Government of India (GoI) and overdue political solution.”


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