Friday, March 31, 2023

GPRN/NSCN condemns ‘rowdy act’ of Assam Rifles

GPRN/NSCN on Friday condemned what it described as “rowdy act” of the Assam Rifles, which it said was “unacceptable and an eyesore to all Nagas.”
GPRN/NSCN through its MIP stated that the cease-fire ground rules (CFGR) agreed between the Government of India and GPRN/NSCN was “still intact and adhered to with all its modalities” in the interest of peace and conducive conclusion of “Indo-Naga” political conflict.
It, however, accused AR of “once again” preferring to create an unwarranted situation and disrespect the spirit of CFGR.
MIP stated that on March 15, 2023 AR personnel numbering 50-60 surrounded 24 unarmed civil clothed members of GPRN, who were on an annual picnic at Zutovi village, and intended to arrest them and hand over to the police “citing congregation of GPRN members in such number is prohibited.”
MIP alleged that AR personnel had gone to the extent of ignoring its members from Cease-Fire Supervisory Board (CFSB) who had officially gone there to diffuse the situation. MIP stated that AR “acted aloof” and did not acknowledge the presence of CFSB members. It stated that instead of cooperating, AR took away all the phones and detained “picnickers and CFSB members.” MIP claimed that after more than 5 hours of “unruly behavior and high-handedness”, the AR at the intervention of Western Sumi Kukami Hoho and village elders, “came to their senses and allowed the members to leave.”
In this regard, GPRN/NSCN has questioned the higher-ups of AR and the home ministry whether those AR personnel had “any educative sense” of CFGR and “why would such officers and men transgress the ground rules?”
It stated that the “arbitrary act” of poaching upon the unarmed GPRN/NSCN members “need not be hackled and harassed by occupational forces.”
During ceasefire period, MIP said “Naga national workers have every right to conduct peaceful activities or congregate for social, cultural or spiritual meetings in any town, village or in a jungle.”
Further, MIP stated that ceasefire was not there to harass and threaten Nagas, adding that AR cannot justify their contempt for CFGR. “Their motive is danger to peaceful co-existence,” MIP stated.
GPRN/NSCN stated that the ongoing political parleys between the government of India and WC, NNPGs, to which it was an integral part, must be respected by AR. It stated that disregarding the well-placed CFGR and hurting the sentiment of “Naga national workers” by AR was “seriously viewed and condemned.” GPRN/NSCN demanded that appropriate measures be taken up.

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