Tuesday, November 29, 2022

GVC imposes ban on fishing, picnicking

Ghotovi Village Council (GVC) has imposed “blanket ban” on fishing and picnicking at “Dadi Ghoki” with effect from October 24.
GVC secretary, Kivigho Zhimomi informed that anyone found violating the “azah” will be penalized as per the law of the land.
The council stated that the “azah” has been enforced for the overall health of villages under Niuland district receiving water supply from Ghotovi village.
GVC said that main water supply source has been contaminated with the use of poisonous chemicals by fishing parties and picnickers.
The council said that immoral activities were also taking place in the village jurisdiction by unknown persons.
In this regard, the council warned that anyone caught during the enforcement of ban will not be spared.

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