Tuesday, November 29, 2022

Half day shop closure in four colonies of Dimapur on Sundays

Ward 21 welfare committee, a conglomeration of four colonies– Notun Bosti, Middle Point Colony, Churches Colony and Nyamo Lotha Colony– has resolved to keep all business establishments within its jurisdictions closed until 12 noon on all Sundays.
In a press release, the committee convenor S Wai Imchen and secretary Omega G Naga said that petrol pumps and pharmacies have, however, been exempted.
The signatories acknowledged that vast majority of people in Nagaland do declare their faith and value Sundays. However, they said the committee took the decision for public convenience and not from a religious standpoint. It expressed belief that there would be “no problem with a half-day closure” of Sundays for all private business establishments/street vendors under its jurisdiction “based on the right of labour to rest.”
Stating that trade and commerce were necessities for a developing city like Dimapur, the committee said forcing full-day closures would not be wise or possible. However, it said that “certain changes that would benefit the entire community can be encountered.” Therefore, in the light of the above, the committee said it would be imposing half day closure on Sundays and sought co-operation of all the concerned.

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