Friday, January 27, 2023

‘Happy hills festival’ to commence on Dec 15

Mokokchung’s biggest event, “Happy Hills Festival” has been scheduled to be held on December 15-16 at Yimchalu village, Mokokchung.
The two-day festival will consist varieties of activities that would include carnival, camping, merchandised stores, food courts, live music and many other entertainment attractions. Girish and the Chronicles, an internationally renowned band is slated to perform in the second day of the festival.
Addressing a press conference at the Bambusa restaurant in Mokochung on Friday, the organizers of the festival Event Creators Mokokchung (ECM) said that this festival would be their first venture and that they aim to make the festival an annual event in order to promote the tourism sector and encourage local business. ECM while explaining about the festival said that the happy hills festival will be held under the theme ‘Creating memories with families & friends’. The organisers highlighted that the venue of the festival was carefully chosen because of the landscape, adventure spots and the proximity to legendary places like Impur, Mopungchuket etc. The festival aims to attract tourists from the northeastern states as well as from mainland India, ECM added.
The two days festival is scheduled to start from 10 a.m. ECM clarified that the venue was shifted from Imkongmeren sports complex to Yimchalu village due to several reasons and corrected that the venue in the tickets has mentioned Imkongmeren sports complex but will be considered valid. Tickets for the festival will be available at unique bakery, urban hub café and bambusa restaurant Mokokchung.

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