Friday, June 2, 2023

Haryana women’s panel chief threatening cop caught on camera

An ugly spat took place between the chairperson of Haryana State Commission for Women and a woman police officer over a case of marital dispute with the panel head asking the cop to “get out” and warning her of initiating a departmental inquiry. The alleged incident took place on Friday in Haryana’s Kaithal during a meeting of the state women’s panel chief Renu Bhatia with police officers.
In the video, Bhatia is seen asking the woman police officer, “You could have slapped him (the man) tightly. You got the girl checked (medically) thrice. Get out! There will be a departmental inquiry against you.”
When the officer protested, Bhatia said she got the woman medically examined thrice but not the man. As the officer tried to respond, Bhatia directed the SHO to escort her outside.
“We have not come here to get insulted,” the officer replied. In response, Bhatia asked, “Are you here to get the girl insulted?”
As the argument continued and the officer asked how she had insulted the woman, Bhatia again asked her why she had got the woman examined thrice. “Do not argue with me and go out,” Bhatia is seen in the video telling the woman police officer.
The officer was then escorted out of the meeting room by a fellow police official.
Bhatia had earlier ordered a medical examination of the man and was unhappy over the officer not following her order.
Later, speaking to reporters, Bhatia said the man would undergo a medical examination.
“You saw how she (the woman police officer) spoke when I asked her why she did not get the medical examination (of the man) conducted,” Bhatia told reporters.


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