Tuesday, October 3, 2023

Heavy rain unearths Dimapur’s drainage woes

Staff Reporter

Heavy rains lashed Dimapur early Wednesday, triggering a flood-like situation, exposing the city’s glaring deficiencies in town planning and drainage infrastructure.

The rains led to inundation in many parts of the city, leaving residents particularly business stores grappling with waterlogged streets. The lack of an efficient drainage system became painfully evident as water levels surged, causing distress among the populace.

Amidst the rising water, this reporter spoke with residents who were struggling to cope with the aftermath. A resident of Marwari Patti expressed her frustration over the lack of action by civic authorities despite constant pleas.

“It’s the same story every year. Our homes are flooded, our belongings get damaged, and our lives get disrupted. It feels like no one is listening to our pleas for better drainage and waste management,” she complained.
Further down the waterlogged street, one Ravi Kumar, a shop owner, shared similar concern. “The drainage system here is a joke. It’s ancient and clear that it can’t handle the volume of water we get during heavy rains. A complete overhaul of our drainage system is required in this area,” he stressed.

“The city’s drainage system has not kept pace with the urban expansion over the years. This has resulted in flooding becoming a recurring nightmare for residents during monsoon seasons,” commented one Gupta, whose business was also affected by the rain-induced flash flood.

He also cited the lack of civic sense among residents and business establishments responsible for clogging crucial drains as factors adding to the chaos and stressed that authorities alone should not be blamed.
“We must address this issue holistically. This means not only improving the infrastructure, but also instilling a sense of civic responsibility among the public,” he added.

In response to the crisis, additional deputy commissioner (ADC) Mhalo Humtsoe informed Nagaland Post that a team of district administration officials had visited almost all affected places and houses in the city.

She said the team was still collecting data on the number of houses affected, adding that the administration had not yet received any request from council members for relief camps or assistance for the affected areas. She assured that the district administration would look into any request for assistance in the best possible manner.



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