Tuesday, November 29, 2022

High Court closes case on Covid mandate


Following the State government’s withdrawal of Covid restrictions from April 1, the Kohima Bench of Gauhati High Court has closed a case pertaining to challenging of a government order on vaccine, Covid-19 testing mandate and restrictions imposed on unvaccinated people during its final hearing on Wednesday.
A Public Interest Litigation (PIL 7/2021) challenging the government order was filed by Vitho Zao, Tiatemsu Longchar, Kikrukhonuo Longchar and Rev Azahto Sema.
They were represented by advocate Neiteo Koza, while the government was represented by advocate N Mozhui.
The government had submitted a compliance order to the court during the hearing in which the counsel said all the prayers of the petitioners were answered after the latest government order, to which the counsel for the petitioners also agreed.
The court, after having found that both the parties were satisfied, gave its judgement that the case would now remain closed in its entirety. Earlier, in the previous hearing, the government had assured the court that it would remove all mandates and restrictions.

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