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HML plans for avenues on rubber plantation and fruits from Nagaland

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Harrisons Malayalam Limited (HML) a plantation company based in Kerala plans to seek avenues on rubber plantation and fruits from Nagaland.
Addressing a press conference, held on Saturday. HML Kochi Kerala limited, head rubber business vice president Biju Panicker said that HML was looking to explore possibilities of venturing into buying and selling different grades of processed Rubber including Ribbed Smoked Sheets (RSS), Indian Standard Natural Rubber (ISNR) etc.
He stated that HML is aiming at sourcing the material from small farmers and that the company expect to set in motion a chain reaction where a farmer will be able to produce the best quality rubber using scientific and progressive methods from their farm and also get a market to sell the produce at their door step thereby giving them a consistent and fair income throughout the year, he added.
The company was also planning to set to get into the fruit business and possibility of exploring into the fruit cultivation in Nagaland especially pineapple.
On the briefing of the company, Panicker mentioned that the company has its core business in tea, rubber and some minor crops such as pineapple and pepper. HML’s tea and rubber plantations measuring about 23000 Ha is spread across the states of Kerala and Tamil Nadu. It is the second largest producer of tea in South India and Single largest producer of Natural Rubber in India.
He mentioned that the company was introduced to the North East by the Rubber Board for looking at possibilities in Natural Rubber processing and trading business. In Nagaland, the company was introduced to Kathi Chishi, Managing Director of TOKA Multi-Purpose Co-Operative Society by the officials of The Rubber Board.
Panicker also talked on the drawbacks of rubber farmers in Nagaland, he lamented that the biggest problem faced by the farmers is finding the right market and that the company would try to provide a farmer friendly market in the State.
Asserting quality of rubber to be the most important, Panicker expressed that today the awareness of quality in the state was very poor and therefore, the company assures to put more emphasis in quality so that it can be easily sold in the market.
He added that, from the data that received there are about 86 lakh trees but only 25 % are tapped as per the rubber and land resource department. If these trees are to be tapped and come into market there is a huge gold mine seating on.
On asked whether the government will be involved, the VP informed that the company being a private organization, have reached out only to TOKA, however, any kind help from the government would be very welcome.
Panicker also informed the gathering that the modalities are yet to be worked on and that Nagaland is the first North-eastern state they are operating in. He also stated that HML is planning to take the first step of cultivating pineapple in the state.
The conference was also attended by HML rubber marketing and processing senior manager Vishnudas MP, cultivators and entrepreneurs from Kerala Biji Manjakunnel and Xavier KP.


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