Sunday, October 1, 2023

Hollywood plans to explore origins of oil in film ‘Sands of Fortune’

 Hollywood is now planning a film, which will explore the origins of oil in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. The film is titled ‘Sands of Fortune’. The film will also explore the development of the world’s largest oil and natural gas exporting company Aramco.

The idea was first confirmed by Israeli producer and businessman Uri Singer on August 22, before he announced the project’s name on August 25 and detailed his interest in making the film, reports Deadline. The historic drama feature revolves around the true story of the partnership between American geologist Max Steineke and Bedouin Khamis Bin Rimthan, who together discovered the country’s first oil well in 1938, today known as Dammam No. 7.

Steineke was a renowned geologist and was well known for his determined nature and adventurous spirit, while Rimthan was a member of the nomadic Al-Amjan tribe with a deep knowledge of the desert, who worked as a guide for the American geologists prospecting for oil in the 1930s.

In a previous interview, Singer said: “The story of Aramco is a testament to human ingenuity and the incredible impact that a single discovery can have on the world. This is a story that all Saudis know, but I believe the whole world will soon be as intrigued as I was when I first heard about this.”

The script will be written by Bernie Campbell, a longtime strategist and speechwriter who has spent years living in Saudi Arabia and was the first American to write for the country’s Royal family.

“We have been working together on this for a while. Bernie is the perfect fit to bring this story to life, especially given his experience on the ground in Saudi,” said Singer.

Apart from the discovery, the ocean of oil and petroleum in the country, as well as the origins of Aramco, the movie will also seek to explore how Aramco became the most dominant oil industry in the world, and how Aramco has also exploited its power, retaining all power in exports of energy resources.



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