Tuesday, June 6, 2023

HSDP to revive demand for separate state

Hills State Democratic Party (HSDP) has announced that on next Sunday evening mass candle lighting programme in private households and public places would take place throughout the district to reawaken the demand for separate state for the two hill districts of Assam.

“To spread the message all across the hills ceremonious mass prayer will take place on 30th August in various religious places.

Later, this programme will be followed in every village till September 20. We will stage a sit-in- demonstration in front of Rajbhawan, Guwahati on September 6 and from September 7-8, party members will participate in relay hunger strike.

Our forthcoming agitation for statehood will be nonviolent and democratic” said Robindra Rongpi general secretary and spokes person, HSDP.

Meanwhile, JACAS (Joint Action Committee for Autonomous State) has set August 30 as ultimate dateline before government to start tripartite negotiation on autonomous state issue failing which a mass movement would be launched.

The party has also demanded release of all arrested prostate activists before the dialogue.  JACAS leadership has resented unnecessary delay by government in starting negotiation.


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