Wednesday, June 7, 2023

Humility is key, says footballer Roko


Renowned Naga footballer, Roko Angami said a player has to be humble and be ready to start at any level of the game provided they were dedicated and disciplined.
Speaking as the guest during the launching of jersey for team G-Sports FC at Morung Kitchen, here on Sunday, Roko said players should always keep their ego in check.
Recalling how he used to carry water and boots of his senior teammates in his initial days as a member of the national team, Roko said many Naga players fail to reach their full potential or move forward because of their lack of humility and patience.
Lauding the formation of various football clubs which were nurturing players from across the State, the footballer said present day players were fortunate to have such provisions.
He pointed out that in the recent past, players like himself struggled especially with the upkeep as they were usually not paid any allowances and more than often they had to survive on their own with little to no support from any quarter.
However, he added, earning money should not be the main objective for a player but they should focus on their performance and that the quality of their output was of utmost importance.
“Even if you put on the famous Jersey No 10 it would mean nothing until and unless you prove yourself in the playground,” he said. He called on the young players to help promote the game by playing as well as taking active part in its development.
While encouraging the players to give their best, Roko challenged them by saying he would hope to see them play in the final of the cup. He further lauded the management team saying they were doing a good job and that their hardwork was a positive contribution to the development of the game in the State.
Earlier the launch was chaired by the club’s management team member, Imli Sunüp while ARCC education and lite, joint secretary, Keneiselhou Solo invoked God’s blessings.
In a press conference following the launch of jersey, G-Sports FC, management team member, Sunüp, said the club was founded in 2017 with the sole objective to provide a platform to young and upcoming players in the State.
After its initial participation at various events in Dimapur, he said the club wanted to branch out even into other districts as well and therefore had decided to be part of the Kohima Super Cup which is scheduled to begin on Monday. He disclosed that G-Sports have members from all over the State with three from neighbouring Manipur.
Answering to a query on how the club trains it’s players, he said they have a special coach stationed at Chümoukedima who was associated with the club and was looking after the training of the players.
On the future plans of the club, he said the club would help it’s players to reach higher levels and not just be confined to the State. In this regard, he added that there were plans of starting a sports management agency through which they would be able to outsource the players to bigger clubs and tournaments.
On why the name G-Sports was chosen, Sunüp disclosed that it was borrowed from the name of his daughter who was named Gracia. Answering to a query progress on the level of players in the State, Roko said there was a steady growth comparatively which was evident from Naga players who were playing at major events across the country including Indian Super League.
On the way forward to uplift football in the State, Sunüp said participating in tournaments alone would not be enough however training young players from the grassroot level would be one of the surest ways to develop the game. And that with a little push from the government along with an active participation and support from the general population were essential for the game to grow.


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