Tuesday, June 6, 2023

Husband, two others held for gang-rape and murder of woman

The Rajkot police have detained three men, including the husband and brother-in-law for their role in the gang-rape and murder of a 50-year-old woman.

The police were awaiting Covid reports of the three accused, following which they will be officially arrested if the reports are negative.

The incident came to light when a farm owner, Sanjay Detroja, suspected the activities of the accused. Not being satisfied with their replies, he informed the police. The woman was working at Sanjay Detroja farm for the last one year.

According to the Jamkandorna Police station officer on Saturday, the victim’s husband, Kisan Bamaniya, his brother Ramsang Bamaniya and their friend Ramesh Mavji, were found carrying the victim’s body to their native place in Madhya Pradesh. They informed the farm owner that the victim had died due to some unknown reason and were taking the body to their native place for final rituals. Unsatisfied with the reply, Detroja called the police.

When the police checked the body, they found injury marks on head, blood on body and other marks on the body. Police sent the body for post-mortem to Rajkot government hospital and started investigation.

Deceased woman’s son Sunil in his complaint stated that his mother was married to Kisan and from marriage they had five children. Between September 16th night and 17th afternoon the incident has occurred, in which his father Kisan had a quarrel with his mother, during which he disrobed her and forced himself over her. He later hit her brutally with a farm equipment. After which Kisan, his brother Ramsang and Ramesh poisoned her and killed her. Sunil suspected that before the murder even Ramsang and Ramesh had raped his mother.

Police have registered a case of murder and gang-rape.


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