Tuesday, March 21, 2023

ICAR Nagaland to enhance maize production & productivity

In view of “deficient in poultry and piggery feed material”, Indian Council of Agricultural Research (ICAR) Nagaland Centre Medziphema said there was a need to enhance the production and productivity of maize in the state to suffice the feed demand for poultry and piggery.
In a press release, ICAR Nagaland Centre Medziphema said the popularisation of location-specific suitable bio-fortified maize hybrids along with a package of practice among the farming community could play a vital role in boosting the production and productivity of maize in Nagaland.
Keeping this in mind, ICAR Nagaland Centre Medziphema conducted a field day on “biofortified maize” under DBT maize project on August 26 at Ghokito Village, Dimapur to show the performance of “DMRH-1530” bio-fortified maize hybrid in Dimapur district for its popularisation.
At the programme, senior scientist, Agronomy from Indian Institute of Maize Research (IIMR), New Delhi, Dr. Shankar Lal Jat highlighted the importance of bio-fortified maize as food and feed. He also emphasised on various management practices such as nutrient management, timely weed management, and the right time of harvesting the maize cobs and their post-harvest management.
Scientist, Plant Breeding & Genetics (PBG), ICAR Nagaland Centre Dr. Harendra Verma also discussed the importance of quality seed material and encouraged the farmers to take up the quality seed production of DMRH 1530 bio-fortified maize hybrid variety to meet local seed demand timely.
SMS (PBG), KVK Dimapur, Dr. Bendangla Imsong highlighted the various management practices to be taken up in “Nagamese” while SMS (plant pathology), KVK Dimapur, Dr. Lireni Kikon highlighted about plant protection measures to avoid insect pest damage in maize crop.
As part of the programme, 70 farmers from Ghokito, Kuhuboto and Lotovi along with scientists and SMS visited the demonstrated field of DMRH-1530 maize hybrid to see its performance with regard to yield and grain quality.

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