Friday, June 2, 2023

Ikiesingram village dismayed over teacher shortage

Ikiesingram Students’ Union (ISU), Ikiesingram Village Council (IVC), School Management Committee (SMC), Parent-Teacher Association of Ikiesingram Village, Peren have expressed disappointment over transfer of teachers and shortage of teaching faculty at GMS Ikiesingram.
In a joint statement, SMC, GMS Ikiesingram, Samram Zeliang and Ikiesingram Students’ Union secretary Ramkuahing stated that in a recent order No. DSE/RATIONALIZATION/12-133/2021, an English subject teacher was sent to replace a Social Science subject teacher which they said, had now resulted in two English teachers in the same institution.
They claimed that the then English teacher was re-deployed to another school “without any prior intimidation to School Management Committee” and said that instead of increasing the strength of teachers, more transfer order of teachers was issued without replacement.
As per the rationalization exercise order no. DSE/RATIONALIZATION/12-133/2021, the bodies stated that a Science teacher was redeployed against the terminated science teacher but was retained by the same school at Lalong.
In this regard, they said “the assurance by School department to send a Science teacher” was “yet to see the light of the day” and that GMS Ikiesingram was facing acute shortage of major subject teachers which they said, was affecting teaching-learning process.
Appealing to the School department to immediately address the grievances and issues, they also urged upon the responsible department to redeploy Science and Social Science teachers at GMS Ikiesingram without delay.
At a joint meeting, the bodies resolved “not to issue NOC to relieve any of the teachers posted at GMS Ikiesingram” as per VEC Act 2002 “unless the department re-deploys more teachers.”
They said the school was functioning with five teachers with an enrolment of 100 students and that GMS Ikiesingram was “the only centre upgraded to Middle School.”


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