Tuesday, November 29, 2022

IMDH road repair: Ao Senden seeks CM’s intervention

Drawing attention to the chief minister’s pledge, which was made during the twelfth session of the 13th NLA on September 22, 2022, to sanction Rs. 1.7 crore for Imkongliba Memorial District Hospital (IMDH) Mokokchung road maintenance and begin the work when the working season arrives, the Ao Senden has appealed to the state chief minister to intervene and ensure that the pledged amount was released immediately.
In an open letter addressed to the chief minister, Ao Senden president Chubawati Longchar and general secretary Imtipokyim expressed regret that the pledged amount was yet to be sanctioned/released while the dry season has already arrived and two months have already lapsed since the announcement was made.
Ao Senden cautioned that people of Mokokchung were growing impatient and anxious while several organizations were already voicing out deep concern.
Ao Seden stated that IMDH road was “indeed in a really bad shape” that needed immediate maintenance.

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