Friday, December 1, 2023

Imnainla Jamir amplifies new anthem for #Unstoppable21 campaign

The Times of a Better India, an initiative of Times of India has unveiled an anthem for its #Unstoppable21 campaign “Hum Ho Gaye Kamyaab”, sung by acclaimed young artiste from Nagaland Imnainla Jamir, which is a resonating tribute to India’s youth with #Unstoppable21.

Spirited and widely loved young artiste Imnainla Jamir added to a powerful ode to the #Unstoppable21 campaign. This empowering and inspiring new anthem titled “Hum Ho Gaye Kamyaab” is a fantastic, hummable music piece composed by the celebrated Shantanu Moitra.

Imnainla Jamir, hailing from Nagaland, is another remarkable young artiste who contributed to the creation of this fresh new anthem. She is a passionate singer-songwriter and guitarist who has been an integral part of notable music projects, such as the Parx- I Care About You and Now or Never music videos. She is also an ambassador for Shure and a recipient of the H.E.R (Hope. Empowerment. Rise) Award.

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Imnainla is an inspiring role model for the youth both in her home state and as well as the entire nation. Her role in the #Unstoppable21 anthem is a testament to her commitment to highlighting the voices of young people and celebrating their achievements. A celebration of young talent, resilience, and unwavering pursuit of dreams, this anthem is a reminder that nothing is impossible.

With a young population of 512 million Indians under 21, India is poised to reap its demographic dividend. To celebrate India’s youth, the #Unstoppable21 campaign, is felicitating 21 Indians under 21 in humanities, science, sports, fine arts, performing arts, social activism and entrepreneurship.

The #Unstoppable21 campaign is a timely initiative that recognizes the contributions of young people from all walks of life. It is a platform for them to shine and inspire others to follow their dreams. The anthem is a perfect embodiment of the campaign’s spirit, and it is to resonate with the youth of Northeast India and beyond.

This initiative has identified 21 young people, who are 21 years of age or lesser, and who represent this spirit of an Unstoppable India. They were chosen across seven streams – Humanities, Science, Sports, Fine Arts, Performing Arts, Social Impact and Entrepreneurship.

Each of these young achievers, chosen by their distinguished jury, has a powerful story of success to tell, a story that could inspire a million other young people to dream big and make the world their playing field.
To listen to #Unstoppable21 anthem and learn more about our campaign, one may visit Unstoppable21 at


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