Sunday, December 3, 2023

INDIA bloc is an arrangement, not an ‘alliance’, says Yechury

The CPI(M) General Secretary Sitaram Yechury has said that the opposition INDIA bloc is “more of an understanding between the ‘anti-BJP forces’ in the country rather than any kind of fixed political alliance”.

Yechury explained that though INDIA bloc has been formed as a united “anti-BJP” front in the country, its applicability will be state-specific. “In West Bengal there is no question of any understanding with Trinamool Congress, though the latter is a constituent of the INDIA bloc. Similarly, in case of Kerala, there we and Congress will be opponents, despite having understanding in the remaining parts of the country especially West Bengal,” Yechury told media at the sidelines of the extended state committee meeting.

He also said that since Trinamool Congress is a corrupt and undemocratic political force, it cannot be an alternative against the BJP. “Trinamool Congress had an understanding with BJP in the past. There is no guarantee that the party will not have any future understanding with BJP in future also,” the CPI(M) General Secretary added.

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Explaining the concept and compulsion of the INDIA alliance, Yechury referred to what B.T. Ranadive, one of the first nine Politburo members of the party after CPI(M) was formed after splitting from CPI in 1964, said during the anti- Indira Gandhi movement in the 70’s.

“Comrade Ranadive explained that if a car breaks down on the way while driving from New Delhi to Agra, then the prime task of the driver will be to assemble local people who can help him in pushing the car. The driver really cannot differentiate between the individuals pushing the vehicle, since his prime target then is to ensure that the car reaches the destination,” Yechury said.



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