Monday, November 28, 2022

India gives Nepal different kinds of vehicles for poll purposes

India on Tuesday handed over 200 different kinds of vehicles to Nepal for the Himalayan nation’s election process.

In the wake of Nepal’s federal and provincial elections on November 20, the Kathmandu government had requested New Delhi to provide vehicular support.

In a ceremony organised in Kathmandu, Indian Ambassador to Nepal, Naveen Srivastava, on behalf of the New Delhi government, handed over the 200 vehicles to Finance Minister Janardan Sharma as a “gift for logistical support”.

Of the 200, 120 vehicles will be utilised by security forces, while the remaining 80 will be used by the Election Commission of Nepal, the Embassy of India said in a statement.

“These vehicles would prove to be useful in further augmenting the logistical arrangements of various institutions of Nepal across the country for conducting the polls.”

The Nepalese Finance Minister thanked the Indian government and the people for their continued support in form of a development partnership with Nepal.

Till date, India has provided 2,000 vehicles to Nepal Police and Armed Police Forces, as well as 400 more to the Nepali Army and Election Commission.

“India and Nepal enjoy a multi-faceted and multi-sectoral development partnership that is reflective of the closeness of the people of both countries. The extending of these logistical provisions reflects the continued support of the Government of India for contributing to the development of people-to-people links,” the Embassy added.

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