Wednesday, November 29, 2023

Inter- Men’s Football and women’s volleyball League concludes

The closing ceremony of the 2nd Inter- Men’s Football and women’s volleyball League cum 6th Lt Neikhrope Ritse Trophy was held on November 18 at Pfütsero Sports Complex with Nezosa Tetseo, President of the Phek District Sports Association (PDSA) as the valedictory guest. The program was organized by Pfütsero Town Youth Organization (PTYO).

In his speech, Tetseo emphasized that to be a good sports person, discipline coupled with dedication is essential. He inspired the players to dream big, excel at higher levels, and aspire to play on bigger platforms and arenas, urging them not to limit themselves to playing only at the local and district levels.

Tetseo challenged the athletes to have a clear roadmap, play for livelihood, professionalize their skills, while he highlighted the vast opportunities in the sports industry. He mentioned the advancements in gadgets and information technology tools that provide ample opportunities for today’s youth to enhance their skills.

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The PDSA President noted that in the past, elders relied on limited resources to learn tactics and skills, but today’s youth have more opportunities. He emphasized on the importance of not being distracted by mobile phones but making use of it to learn and hone their talents.

He mentioned that the state government and the Nagaland Olympic Association (NOA) are prioritizing sports to tap into the potential of the youth. Tetseo also announced that the NOA will be organizing the state Olympics in a few months.

Tetseo also presented prizes to the winners. In the football finals, PWD beat Menyitsuda with a score of 3-1, lifting the title. In volleyball, Mission defeated Tese with three straight sets, securing the trophy.

The program was led by Rukuzo Ruho, Lecturer at Baptist Theological College (BTC). The invocation prayer was led by Ngotso D Sakhamo, Pastor RBC. A special song was presented by Sweven, and the vote of thanks was proposed by Küvelüyi Chuzho.



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