Wednesday, June 7, 2023

Inter-school badminton c’ship in Mkg concludes


The Inter- School Badminton Championship organized by Mokokchung District Badminton Association (MDBA) came to an end on Saturday at Badminton stadium, Mokokchung.
The four-day event witnessed participation of more than 130 players (U -16) from 12 schools.
A brief closing programme was organized which was graced by Superintendent of Police Mokokchung, Aotula T. Imchen as special guest.
She expressed happiness to see many participants from different schools in the tournament when everyone was addicted to social media and technology.
She also encouraged the students to keep their focus on sports and other activities apart from their studies as according to her “schools/classrooms go hand in hand with sports for overall development of a student”. She further congratulated the MDBA for providing platform to the youngsters.
Following are the results:
Under 9 Boys singles
Champion – Moatangit Tzudir (EDHSS
Runner up – Lenchener Tzudir (EDHSS
Under 11 Girls single
Champion – Moakumla Changkiri
Runner up – Wapangienla
(both from Jubilee Memorial School)
Under 11 Boys Single
Champion – Imchalong Lemtur
Runner up – Imkongnochet
(both from Edith Douglas HSS)
Under 13 Girls Single
Champion – Yalemjungla (JMS
Runner up – Chubasangla (Mt. Moriah School)
Under 13 Girls Double
Champion – Yalemjungla/Wadanglemla (JMS)
Runner up – Chungtienla/Sentikala (Eden Academy)
Under 13 Boys single
Champion – Arkutong
Runner up – Merensen
(both from JMS
Under 13 Boys double
Champion – Arkutong/Merensen (JMS)
Runner up – Imchalong Lemtur/Imkongnochet Lemtur (EDHSS)
Under 15 Girls single
Champion – Imsusenla (Children School
Runner up – Jemennaro JMS
Under 15 Girls Double
Champion – Jemennaro/Moakumla Changkiri (JMS
Runner up – Chubasangla/Jendongyala (Mt. Moriah School)
Under 15 Boys single
Champion – Waongsen (JMS)
Runner up – Wacha JMS
Under 15 Boys double
Champion – Waongsen/Wacha (JMS)
Runner up – Wangkai Konyak/Imlisen (Children School)
Open Girls single
Champion – Sunepbenla T. Imchen (Queen Mary HSS)
Runner up – Watisungla (Town HSS)
Open Girls double
Champion – Sunepbenla T. Imchen/Imlikumla (THSS)
Runner up – Watisungla/Yalimenla (THSS)
Open Boys single
Champion – Pursungit (THSS)
Runner up – Limasunep (JMS)
Open Boys double
Champion – Dipesh/Sentisang
Runner up – Pursungit/Kinren
Team Champion: Town HSS
Team runner up – Jubilee Memorial School


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